Aira Hirasaka
Name Aira Hirasaka
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative/s Unnamed Brother

Unnamed Sister

Professional Status
Affiliation Class 1
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Translation Katana
Seal location Right hand
Manga Episode 1

【第壱話】「序」 Prologue

Aira Hirasaka is a student of Naraka High School and a member of Class 1. She is close friends with Momiji Rokudou. Her roommate is Noa Shinohara.


Aira has red eyes and hair. She keeps her hair in a style that resembles cat ears, and keeps the rest into two ponytails. She wears the standard Naraka High School uniform. Her character is located on her right hand.


Aira's abilities

Aira's Katana..

When her seal is activated, she has the ability to materialize a katana. Having trained since very young, she is noted to be extremely proficient in wielding it.


Aira is the successor to her family's dojo, and has been trained by her grandfather to wield the katana since she was very young. For that reason, she chose "katana" as her character.


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