Chapter 1 : Prologue is the first chapter of Aphorism manga 


Naraka High School is a school only those who are able to spot a floating island.Several girls questions among themselves of the probability of such island to exist after noticing a poster promoting the school.However Momoji Rokudou aged 15 is able to see the surreal island floating high in the clouds.Momiji then goes to Saitama District where Naraka school is located. He was suprised by the busy place it was reminding him about his mother insisting his hair was bed hair. When Momoji  was observing the direction to Naraka school he tripped on the road with a bus coming directly ahead of him. Fortunately, he was saved by by Aira Hirasaka who assumed Momoji was a middle school student ( because of his small size ) and is a girl who is also going to Naraka.Aira  immediatly caught Momoni's attention but assumed him as her little brother ( again because of his small size ). Both of them pledge to be famous people after graduating from Naraka. They were soon given a speech by the school chairperson, Yama. Both Momoji and Aira were in the same class: Class 1 and were confused thinking about the tense feeling of the students but convinced themselves it could have been the bureaucrats watching them.They reached their homeroom gate noticing a four-eyed dog--Hell's watchdog--- only to be interrupted by their class teacher, Mido. Mido then distribute a paper ( with a circle in the middle and is surrounded by four triangles ) and asks the student to write a character ( kanji ) on the circle noting that the character will match how the will battle in future. Aira decided to use the ' katana ' ( sword )character since she was the successor of the Hirasaka Katakana Strike ( Hirasaka is her family name ).



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