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the character in each students body was in kinbuntai

A character is the single word each student choses on the first day of entering Naraka High School. That character will then become the student's primary weapon while they experience each Blight.

On the first day, the teachers of each class will hand every student a square piece of paper. They will then recite the instructions and will tell them to choose one character to use in battle. Once every student has chosen a character, they will write it down on the slip of paper and say it out loud. The character will appear somewhere on the student's body, and the first Blight will begin.

When activated, the character will glow. The student will have the abilities of their character. If the character is an object, that object will appear when the character is activated.

The character power is all about having an image, knowledge or something first, and then being able to utilise it. To use the character power, one must have a clear image of what it should materialise as, otherwise it will rebound.

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