Chisato Oosawa
Name Chisato Oosawa
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Class 4
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Translation Sword, Katana
Seal location Right thigh
Chisato Oosawa is a student of Naraka High School and a member of Class 4. She has the same character as Aira Hirasaka, and it is located on her right thigh.


She has dark eyes and curly black hair, which she keeps into two pigtails. She wears the standard Naraka High School uniform.


Chisato's abilities

Chisato's Katana.

Although her character is "katana", she reveals in her fight against Aira that she has no real experience with wielding it, having only trained with it for a month before her arrival at school. However, she claims to make up for what she lacks in experience with her imagination, and is able to alter the form of her katanas.

Chisato also makes plush toys by hand, as shown when she gifts Aira with one as a thank you.