An Eclipse is what happens when the Island in the Sky obscures the sunlight from the land where Naraka High School is on.


According to Midou, an eclipse happens because the land is cursed. Enemies that come about because of the eclipse will only attack those with seals, the "Warriors".

The eclipses that happen every day are random and without set pattern. The enemies that appear during the eclipse have different forms depending on the seal they are governed by.

Some of the eclipses are "Seperation"-type. In the case of those, the eclipse will not begin until the number of students are divisible by 3. The warriors are then transported into a separate realm in groups of three and have to pass a test set by the guardian of the realm together in order to exit.

An eclipse will not happen in the case of cloudy or rainy weather.

List of EclipsesEdit

First Day EclipseEdit

First Day Eclipse
Appearance Chapter 1
No. of Students 204
No. of Deaths 96
No. of Survivors 108

The very first eclipse faced by the students. According to Sanjurou Hinata, it is the only fixed eclipse that will happen in a school year. Only after they have survived this first eclipse that the students of Naraka High are considered "properly enrolled".

During the first eclipse, monsters with huge mouths appear and eat the students. After a set time, the eclipse will be over and the monsters will disappear.


Appearance Chapter 4
No. of Students 105
No. of Deaths 25
No. of Survivors 80

Known Teams for Dragon eclipseEdit


Appearance Chapter 5 Side Story
No. of Students 80
No. of Deaths 0
No. of Survivors 80

The Banquet is a strange eclipse in which immortals appear and engage the students in a banquet. The way to survive this is simply to humour the immortals and join in their merrymaking. If one were to anger the immortals, they'd be killed immediately. An example of this was when Shin Hakamada kicked one of the immortals; the result was his head being blown apart.


Appearance Chapter 6
3 days
No. of Students 80
No. of Deaths 16
No. of Survivors 64


Appearance Chapter 16
No. of Students 60+1
No. of Deaths 6
No. of Survivors 55

A separation-type eclipse. It occurs after the "death" of Hakamada, neatly rounding off the number of students to a multiple of three.

Like in the case of the Dragon, an indirect method of defeating it is preferred. The eclipse takes only the spirits of the warriors into the realm, leaving the bodies of the students back on the school campus. It gives them dreams, of which all they must do is not to react and simply take in those images. After some time, the eclipse will get bored and release them out through her stomach.

Known Teams for Dream eclipseEdit


Appearance Chapter 39 (side story)
No. of Students 55
No. of Deaths 4
No. of Survivors 52

  Normal type eclipse. The monsters capture student as sacrifices to god. The captured students are crushed and their meat is offered to god, after which they become "Altar" and disappear.