Name Hakua
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Immortal
Professional Status
Affiliation Fake Yama
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Manga Episode 18

Hakua supports Fake Yama along with Sekia.


Hakua takes on a human-like form, similar to Sekia. His hair is wavier and parts in the middle of his forehead. He has markings on his face, as well.

His true form is that of a four-eyed, demonic dog, said to guard the gates of hell.

Hakuas true form

Hakua's true form


In comparison to Sekia, Hakua is much lazier, usually seen lying around doing nothing. Despite this, he is very devoted to protecting Fake Yama and Sekia, whom he is supposedly in a romantic relationship with.

It is mentioned by Touko Hourai that, before taught otherwise, Sekia and Hakua would eat students.

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