Naraka High School

Naraka High School is a school that promises to be able to become a bureacrat without needed to take any government related entrance tests. However, it is only open to those who are able to see the floating island. To the public, it is portrayed as a regular high school, while the students inside are the only ones, with the exception of past graduates, who know the truth. "Naraka" in Hindi means hell.

First Lesson Edit


A classroom

After the entrance ceremony, all students go to their respective classes. Inside, the teacher in-charge informs the students to take out a pen or pencil and given a piece of paper. They are only told that the paper is the second most important thing next to your life. After that, they are told to write one "character" (a chinese character, 'kanji') in the centre of the paper. This character is to match how the student would fight in the upcoming battle. No contact is given to why the character is needed an there is only a limited amount of time that they have to write the character. At the end, everyone reads out the character they have written and it appears on various parts of their body (the ritual). For example,  Momiji Rokudou's character appeared on his hand.

First Blight Edit

Only about half the students are aware of the true nature of the school. The students are only told that the "character" is proof that of a fighter and that this land is an impure land where God let decay. The teacher in-charge informs the students that a blight occurs when the sun and the floating island align. To become the great person that the school promised, all the students can do is to survive and fight using their characters. Every part of the school is not safe as the monsters appear everywhere. The first blight is the school's entrance ceremony. At the end of the first day, only 108 out of the 204 students survived.

Escaping the school Edit

Only students that have survived and graduated can escape. If any students try to get out of the front gate, all that happens is that they will reappear at the front gate. Outsiders are unable to see the events that occur in the school.