Satoshi Tomonaga
Name Satoshi Tomonaga
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 15
Personal Status
Status Dead
Professional Status
Affiliation  ?
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Kanji seal  ?
Translation  ?
Seal location  ?
Satoshi Tomonaga was the elder brother of Izuru Tomonaga by 9 years. He was also a student of Naraka High School.


Satoshi had short spiky hair. He wore the standard Naraka High School uniform.


Satoshi is an avid fan of baseball. He only entered Naraka High School to appease his parents. In reality, he is more interested in Koushien than in becoming a government official.


Satoshi Tomonaga died sometime during his year at high school. His disappearance prompted Izuru to start searching for his bones at the mass graveyard where bodies from Naraka High School are dumped.

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