Name Sekia
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Immortal
Professional Status
Affiliation Fake Yama
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Manga Episode 18

Sekia supports Fake Yama along with Hakua.


Sekia takes on a human-like form that looks similar to Hakua's. Her hair is straight, with her fringe parted and out of her face, aside from one stray piece. She has markings on her face, similar to that of Hakua.

Her true form is that of a four-eyed, demonic dog, said to guard the gates of hell.

Sekias true form

Sekia's true form


While Sekia and Hakua both serve Yama, Sekia appears to have a better work ethic. She happily provides assistance to Fake Yama and constantly scolds Hakua for lazing around. Sekia frequently hits and scolds Hakua for his incompetence, despite the hinted romantic relationship between them. Sekia is very devoted to protecting Fake Yama and has shown to be protective of Hakua, as well.

Sekia is said to be the more aggressive of the two. She seems to have a deep hate for humans. It is mentioned by Touko Hourai that, before taught otherwise, Sekia and Hakua would eat students.