Shie Sakasaki
Name Shie Sakasaki
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 15
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Class 1
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Naraka High School
Kanji seal
Translation Fire
Seal location Left Hand
Shie Sakasaki is a student of Naraka High School and a member of Class 1. She is the roommate of Aya Saotome.

Her seal is located on her left hand. Even when she cuts away the skin, it reappears on her left wrist.


Shie is a timid and cowardly girl. When the Eclipses start happening, she attempts to fight with her Flame seal. It worked, but also recoiled on her, causing her to burn herself. As a result, she became very fearful and holes up in her room, refusing to participate in any combat.

After some manipulation from Class 4 and encouragement from her roommate Aya, she is able to use her ability to save everyone from the Water Eclipse.


Shie's abilities

Shie's abilities

When Shie first activated her seal, she summoned flames from her hand. This causes her to burn herself. Later, she instead summons flames in the form of a pyre, which gives her better control over them.