• Chapter 15: Spirit
A continuation of the fight between the group of Hinata and Tomonaga. Two Katana character holders, Aira and Osawa, has ended living Osawa defeated. In the meanwhile, Krishna is looking for the person with a character in the forehead which is Tomonaga. While fighting, "Eclipse" has started which will divide each student into groups of 3 as Hirasaka's death (student with REVIVAL as his character) lessen the number of students to 60.
  • Chapter 16: Meeting
All students has been separated and is bound to find their group. At the end, Momiji ended up grouping with Tomonoga.
  • Chapter 17: Dream
The fight between Krishna and Tomonaga has started. Using his ability, steal, Tomonaga messed up Krishna in Momiji's body. As Krishna releases his sword, he cut Tomonaga's Right arm. His second strike ended up wounding Ryo which leads to Tomonaga's escape. The first group successfully finished the trial is Hinata's.
  • Chapter 18: Karma
The continuation of the Eclipse. As others successfully escaped Yume's realm, Krishna went back and destroyed Yume to become the new master of the realm. He used his power as a master to crushed Tomonaga's spirit. Krishna escaped the realm, he, then, take Tomonaga's heart to replace Momiji's heart which was crushed by Tomonaga himself. Hinata witnessed the scene leading him to suspect Krishna as a different being.
  • Chapter 18.5:Bonus